I really don’t know what I’ll do the next time I fly.  I just know that the “security” checks we’re subjected to are invasive and ridiculous.

Have you read John Tyner’s blog?  He’s the guy who spoke those now-legendary words when the TSA flunkie told him how he was going to feel him up.   I’m sure it’s a topic I’ll discuss with John Fugelsang during our regular Thursday morning get-together today.  He’s in Charlotte, NC today, which means he had to fly.  I wonder if he met any new TSA friends?

How did we wind up with these backscatter machines anyway?  Did Congress vote to authorize this latest invasion of our privacy?

I’ve been talking about how we MUST get involved… more than by just signing online petitions.  If the teabaggers can do it, surely we – the “educated elite” can take the initiative to speak out.

Today, in an informative and interactive segment, I’ll be joined by Beth Becker and Neal Rauhauser, a couple of friends who are involved with and the new Progressive Congress News site.  They’ll explain to us how to not only keep up on proposed legislation, but to make sure our elected representatives know how we stand on each and every vote they’ll cast.

As you follow along, you’ll want to visit and download the correct app for your phone, or bookmark it on your computer.

Our future depends on it!