I am Woman.  And the GOP has it in for me.  Oh yes, they twist everything around and claim that the Democrats and the Obama administration are the ones waging war on the fairer sex, but we know better.

We know who wants being a woman to continue to be classified as a “pre-existing condition and having given birth as one too… even having been raped!  (Yes, that’s the party that sides with the for-profit health insurance industry (extortionists).  We know who voted against the Violence Against Women Act and even the Lilly Ledbetter Act that would require equal pay for women…

We women know – we are, after all, much smarter than your average man…

Today on the show, we talk about the ridiculous news cycle dealing with Hilary Rosen’s Ann Romney work comment…. I’ll also speak with Nick Steffens of the Broward County chapter of Awake the State about tomorrow’s 3 Stooges tax day Rallies, Blue America endorsed congressional candidate Trevor Thomas and Crooks and LiarsNicole Belle

Nicole brought us these stories today, as we recap the Sunday talking head shows for our weekly Fools on the Hill segment:

The Romney campaign’s successful attempt to distract the media into a discussion of whether stay-at-home moms really work meant that the Sunday shows would continue the same discussion, with absolutely no awareness that it was never at issue.

And no one embodies a total lack of awareness better than Michele Bachmann. Bachmann told David Gregory that it wasn’t true that the Republicans want to restrict contraception, insisting that women ‘can make their own choices for their own bodies’. How, you ask? By health savings accounts. Because otherwise, Obamacare makes Obama a ‘health dictator’. I swear I’m not making that up.

The voice of reason against such insanity was Kristen Gillibrand who reminded David Gregory and the Meet the Press audience that no matter how much lip service the Republican Party and its presumptive nominee say they respect women, it was Mitt Romney’s self-professed hero Scott Walker, Republican governor of Wisconsin, who just signed away equal pay for women.

While technically not a Sunday show—this segment aired Saturday—Chris Hayes pointed out that Hilary Rosen is hardly a good representative of the left or of the 99 percent. And while Hayes aimed his barbs at CNN, the same can be said of all the news outlets—none of them represent the working class and their interests well or fairly most of the time.

But guess who actually did call out a Republican lie (albeit without calling it a lie) on the working class? Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, who challenged an ongoing Romney claim that 92.3 percent of all the jobs lost during the Obama presidency were lost by women after senior adviser Ed Gillespie tried it. He told Gillespie that this little bit of an accounting trick is misleading.

But don’t think that is indicative of the larger media. No, no, no…George Stephanopoulos decided to go to the most incisive, most important aspect of the “Mommy Wars”: whether it meant President Obama would have to cut ties to Bill Maher. You read that right. Because Bill Maher defended Hilary Rosen’s comments (when everyone else, from both Obamas, to Biden, to the DNC quickly distanced themselves from her), what Stephanopoulos really wanted to know was whether the $1million donation posed a problem for the president. And this is from a former Democratic operative.