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So to half of the nation, Mitt just doesn’t care about you.  

Even if you consider yourself a Republican because you believe in small government (your party left you a long, long time ago), I don’t see how anyone could vote for this man and then sleep at night.

Even the most cynical among us has to believe that the president is there to represent all the people, not just those in his own socio-economic class.

Put everything else aside, this alone is enough to make you realize that Mitt is not Fit to lead. Period.

We spent a lot of today’s show talking about it .. with all of my guests. But we talked about some other things as well.. 

For instance, I spoke with progressive Beto O’Rourke who is running for Congress from TX16, the El Paso area.  Yes, there are progressives in Texas, and this once could help shore up the Congressional Progressive Caucus and push President Obama to enact more progressive policies in his second term. But we need to get behind his candidacy and others like him!

In the wake of Todd Akin’s wife stepping in it along with her husband (she likened the GOP calls for her hubby to drop out of the race to the British soldiers raping colonists in 1776) I spoke with Nancy L. Cohen, the author of Delirium: The Politics of Sex in America.

And in hour two, as we do every Tuesday, I was joined by GottaLaff of The Political Carnival.  Most of what we spoke about today was the downfall of Mitt Romney, brought about by his own idiocy and narcissism. 

In case you haven’t yet seen the videos in question, David Corn of Mother Jones posted a number of clips in a few posts which you can find here.   And Mother Jones just announced that, as Mitt Romney requested, they will release the full video this afternoon at 2:30.  Note to Mitt: be careful what you wish for.

And special thanks to Keith Olbermann for coming out with a special comment last night in response to this mess.  I can’t embed the video, buy you can see it by following this link.  Once again, Keith verbalizes what most of us are thinking.