This morning on the show, I spoke with a couple of heroes and about a couple of villains.

Let’s begin with the good guys.  His schedulers must have screwed up, but Congressman Raul Grijalva did call in near the end of the first hour of the show.  Better late than never!

Grijalva is the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus; they released their Budget 4 All to zero fanfare or media attention.  But it demands a look as, once again, it makes sense and is the best thing out there!

In the second hour, I was joined by another of my heroes – Lt. Dan Choi (now my BFF!). As has been the case every time we’ve spoken, my conversation with Dan was moving. He told us why he came out on Rachel Maddow’s show back in 2009, and what has transpired since. He spoke of his activism on LGBT issues and others, like Keystone XL. And he told of the government’s case against him, now stalled in a sort of limbo, which leaves him unable to re-enlist.

I hope you’ll listen to our interview…. but this video gives you an idea of who Dan Choi is:

As for the villains, Paul Ryan made the TV rounds this morning, attempting to foist his horrific budget on us – the one that would turn Medicare into a voucher program and would lower taxes inordinately on the richest Americans, leaving the rest of us to suffer even more.

And the most evil villain of the day, Allen West, wants to be VP. OMFG.


BTW, I’ll be “on assignment” tomorrow (really!). Shane-O will be filling in – so please stop by! I’ll be back Thursday to tell you what I did tomorrow….