It’s become something of a theme this week…  but it’s unavoidable these days.  Let’s just consider a few of the day’s big stories, shall we?

Rafael Cruz (Ted’s father), a “Pastor” in the Purifying Fire Ministries of Carrollton, Texas, though I can’t find any information about that particular “church” online), has some some truly hateful things including this, this and this. Here’s his latest, proclaiming atheism leads to child molestation and perversity:

Then there’s word salad Sarah, the former half-term governor of Alaska, who is worried that the Pope is too liberal.

And Pat Robertson, a man who claims to have a direct line to God, when asked what a mother who has a 16 year old gay son should do, says “Pray,” and then, “all might not be lost” because he must have been molested by a coach or something…

And then there’s former president George W. Bush who is scheduled to speak tomorrow night at a fundraising event for an organization whose purpose is to “convert Jews to Christianity to help bring about the second coming of Christ.”

I could go on and on, or you could just visit Right Wing Watch for more than enough ammunition to make you see how these haters shroud themselves in God and the Bible.

And so it goes…

In other news, we’re finally getting a look at the super secret Trans Pacific Partnership draft text.  Wikileaks this morning released the chapter dealing with intellectual property, which also includes some of the most egregious provisions that we’ve been hearing about for the past year or two.  The press release announcing the release is here; the text is here.

Stay tuned…

Today on the show

Susie Madrak joined in from Crooks and Liars to discuss two of her recent articles: Caribou Barbie: Federal Debt is Just Like Slavery!  and  Stop Being Reasonable with these Global Warming Enablers. 

And Steve Horn checked in from DeSmogBlog to talk about his latest piece, drawing on the new report from Public Citizen on the completed southern half of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Yes, I think we’re doomed….