I began the show today with a big shout out of thanks and appreciation to all who have stepped up recently with financial support of the show. As I’ve reiterated often, I’ll never put up a pay wall on this show. I know too many people who are struggling, and don’t want to deny anyone access to the program.

But with today’s business/radio climate, the only way this show will survive is by virtue of your donations. And yesterday, a couple of listeners stepped up in a really big way.

Erika from California has surprised and humbled me in the past with very generous donations, and she did it again yesterday.

And Robert from The Netherlands introduced himself to me with a level of support I could never imagine, let alone adequately thank him for!

Thanks to those two and the rest of you who’ve been stepping up, I’ll be able to get someone to help me rewire and do  a few modes upgrades on my studio. I’ll be able to send Alison to camp, and probably get myself to Netroots Nation for another live broadcast this summer.

Obviously, the need hasn’t ended. Like public radio, ongoing support is necessary for our survival. If you’re already helping out, I can’t thank you enough. If you can’t afford financial support, there are other ways to help – like spreading the word about the show to others who might be interested, or using my Amazon link for your purchases… And again, I thank you with all of my heart for your support.

Today on the show, The Nation’s Washington correspondent John Nichols joined me in the first hour. We discussed the sad state of our media today, and the future of progressive politics in the US, and if and how Bernie Sanders should run for President.

And GottaLaff  joined in during hour two, as she does each Tuesday morning, to dish on the news… She brought us these stories and more

GOP candidate for AZ gov. falsely claims to be former LA prosecutor, Air Force vet

WI judge who halted John Doe lawsuit has assistant married to Walker campaign lawyer

Charles Krauthammer: Climate change is like “the rain dance of Native Americans…superstitious”

Boehner tweets pic of Benghazi Committee. So where’s the photo of the fundraising letter?