That photo reeks of Opposite World.

At Thanksgiving, we usually count our blessings and give gratitude for all we’re thankful for. But this year, as we see justice eluding certain segments of society, it’s a sorrowful Thanksgiving.

This morning I did what a half-decent prosecutor would have done: questioned the story of the guy who shot Mike Brown dead. Instead of acting as a prosecutor during the Grand Jury hearing, Robert McCulloch’s office instead acted as Darren Wilson’s de-facto defense team, and insured that there would be no indictment.

Now that we’ve heard from the cop who killed Mike Brown and from Dorian Johnson, Brown’s friend who was right there as it all happened, you can decide for yourself which one is more credible.

In one corner, here’s Darren Wilson telling his (obviously well-rehearsed) story to an all-too-eager George Stephanopolous

More ABC US news | ABC World News

In the other, Dorian Johnson tells Chris Hayes exactly how it all went down

Compare the two, and see whose story sounds more feasible!

Ezra Klein explained how unbelievable Wilson’s story was in this piece at…  and attorney Lisa Bloom totally eviscerated the prosecution on her twitter stream (here’s one of many stories about her epic takedown of the Grand Jury proceedings).

I spoke with both Susie Madrak of Crooks and Liars, and Robert Ray of Al Jazeera America on the show today about all of it…

And then I slid into thankful mode… Thanksgiving is a great time to take stock of the things for which we are grateful. It’s easy for me, as Nov. 23, 2000,  the day I stood in a freezing cold courtroom in Almaty, Kazakhstan where the judge approved my request to adopt Alison happened to fall on Thanksgiving!

November is also National Adoption month, and each year I try to do at least one segment on the joys of creating a family through adoption. Today, as we have each November since 2006, I spoke with my friend Robert Lamarche, now Director of Social Services and Attorney at Advocates for Children and Families here in Florida.

If you have any questions about adoption, he’s always available to try to answer them. And if you care for some heartwarming reading over the Thanksgiving holiday, feel free to check out my adoption journal… the story of our adoption. 

I’ll take a few days of for Thanksgiving. We’ll have shows running all weekend at, including a Flashback Friday musical marathon on Friday…  I’ll see you Monday to pick up where we left off… radio or not!