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Ahh, what a difference bed rest and plenty of fluids make. No, I didn’t go to the doctor because, even if I could have gotten an appointment, I know that’s what she’d prescribe. No fever meant no swine flu, and yes, I’m feeling so much better. And I have a great show for you tonight on Air America radio.

After a Quickie News Update with the Talk Radio News Service to bring us up to date on all that happened today, I’ll be joined by one of the Billionaires for Wealthcare!

Here they are, participating in Saturday’s 9/12 Moron’s March….

Just keeping it all in perspective. ***Click here for my interview with Monet Oliver de Place***

Today, we finally saw the last of the five healthcare bills; this one from the Senate Finance Committee, headed by DINO Senator Max Baucus. If you’re really a masochist, you can read the whole thing here.

Or you can listen to Mike Lux, author of The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in Best in America Came To Be, who also wrote a piece on Huffington Post today called “The Only Good News About The Senate Finance Bill? It Won’t Pass” (Actually, he changed the title of the piece… It was originally called “The Good News and the Bad News about the Senate Finance Bill” but I guess that was a bit too charitable!) I’ll speak with him about the bill, and his optimism that we will get decent health care reform through!

***Click here to listen to my interview with Mike Lux****

Then we’ll lighten up in the second hour. It’s that time of year again… the fall television season is rolling out, and the Emmy’s are happening Sunday night. I’ll speak with Glenn Garvin, TV critic and op-ed columnist for the Miami Herald to find out what we should watch, and what not to waste our time on.

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***Just moments before hitting the air last night, I heard that Mary Travers had died. I put together this little tribute to her music. Just click to listen***