fuck cancer

I wasn’t here yesterday. I ran a Best Of show as I had a biopsy scheduled to find out what’s going on with this mass on my lung. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything until Monday, but the doctor called shortly after I arrived at the studio today to tell me he got the preliminary results.

Cancer. I have fucking lung cancer.

I’ll get more details next week after the PET scan tomorrow, and an appointment with the oncologist Monday afternoon, and the surgeon on Thursday. The next few weeks will likely be a bit of a whirlwind, so I appreciate you bearing with me as I go through this.

Donations will certainly help!

Today, Driftglass and Howie Klein both joined in and helped take my mind off of the C word. We talked about the Republican circus in Cleveland, Hillary’s potential running mates and more.

And I will be back tomorrow to chat with Julianna Forlano in the first hour, and Dr. Jill Stein in hour two. See you then!