with Barber 1

Yes! I got to interview the founder of Moral Mondays, Rev. Dr. William Barber last night. It was a very long day, but I would have waited all night to speak with the man who is inspiring people to come together in a Moral Fusion Movement around the subjects of  voting rights, women’s rights, immigrants rights, labor rights and more.

Dr. Barber spelled out the Moral Agenda, which includes

  1.  Pro labor, anti poverty policy
  2. educational equality
  3. health care for all
  4. fairness in our criminal justice system
  5. the call to hook up and organize around protecting and expanding the rights mentioned above.

As you may know, I got to see Barber speak last week at the AFT convention and became a fan girl! He spoke here at Netroots Nation last night and I got to speak with him afterwards. Listen to today’s show to hear the interview (and I’ll eventually upload the interview as a standalone podcast too!).

Also on today’s show, I spoke with Congressman Keith Ellison, Credo’s Becky Bond, Damon Silvers of the AFL-CIO, economist Stephanie Kelton and a host of others…

Tomorrow, I’ll be back on radio row recording more interviews to air next week when I get home. Already in the can- a conversation with Sandra Fluke!

I’ll talk with you Monday from back home in FloriDUH.. radio or not!