Reid goes nuclear

I’m so happy about this news that I won’t even get all snarky about how there’s nothing NUCLEAR about Harry Reid finally invoking the CONSTITUTIONAL option to change the Senate rules concerning the filibuster.  But use whatever hyperbolic imagery you want today, as the Senate just did something remarkable.

History was made moments ago when, after a series of confusing votes, the Democrats were victorious in stopping the GOP obstruction of  executive and judicial nominees going forward.

As my friend Marcy Wheeler @emptywheel just tweeted,

And one we’ll never forget.  The only thing that would make this better would be if the rule changes applied across the board – then we might actually get something done in this session of Congress.

But it’s progress, just as the Affordable Care Act was a step in the right direction.

I guess positive thinking and affirmations do work!

I began the show today with a positive attitude – and even proclaimed today in promotional tweets “Optimistic Thursday”.  I mentioned that lately, when I dare to read from a list of affirmations that I recently downloaded, the day seems to bring success and good things.  So, I read a few affirmations at the top of the show, and shared some recent news stories and audio clips that have given me a positive outlook.

The two clips I referenced – and played – follow here.  First up, Elizabeth Warren truly stepping up as a US Senator to loudly proclaim that it’s time to EXPAND SOCIAL SECURITY, not cut it!

She did it on the Senate floor:

On Rachel Maddow’s show last night.

And in an email today! (I get the feeling she’s serious.)

Giving us more cause for optimism is the way people are fighting back against the horrific draconian laws passed by North Carolina’s legislature.  Most of us were introduced to the Rev. Dr William Barber through the Moral Monday protests that have motivated the people of North Carolina to stand up and take action.

Just a few weeks ago, Barber was awarded the Paul Wellstone Citizen Leadership Award by the Campaign for America’s Future.  His acceptance speech was goose-bump inducing and, yes, inspiring too.

Some other stories that gave me cause to be optimistic this morning:

Signed and Sealed: Illinois 16th State to Legalize Gay Marriage

Voters Soundly Reject Albuquerque Abortion Limits in Near-Record Turnout

And, of course, this headline greeted me as the day was just beginning

Harry Reid Threatens  ‘Nuclear Option’ — And Soon!

But I didn’t realize it would be that soon!  Those affirmations must really work…  there really is power to positive thinking, it seems.

Today on the Show

We kept tabs on the history being made in the US Senate throughout the show…. and took a few minutes away from the action to chat with Julianna Forlano and She’s History‘s Amy Simon. 

Finally… have a wonderful weekend.  Alison and I will be celebrating our 12th Forever Day.  November is National Adoption Month.  Think about bringing a child into your family, forever…