Last night’s gubernatorial debate proves why I always call it FloriDUH. Charlie Crist – the former Republican Governor is now the Democratic challenger to the current Republican Governor who, instead of being in the Governor’s mansion in Tallahassee should be in prison for perpetrating the largest Medicare fraud in our nation’s history while CEO of Columbia HCA (Health Corporation of America).

Unfortunately, the “debate” was shorter than it should have been because Rick Scott was apparently having a hissy fit backstage because Charlie Crist had a fan under his podium and he didn’t, so he threatened that he wouldn’t participate. Crist took the stage and got off a few quips against Scott before the guy who, for some reason, told us in his closing statement that his mother called him a “good boy” finally stopped holding his breath and decided to join in.

Crist’s campaign tweeted out their version of the rules during the debate, which seem to say no such thing about a fan but does include Charlie’s warning that he’d bring a fan if he needed one.

After today’s show ended, the Miami Herald cleared up the confusion by telling us that the rules did, indeed, prohibit Crist from getting his balls blown…Who’d have thunk it?

I spent most of the first hour of the show in bewilderment that Rick Scott could have ever been in the position to chair a company that was capable of committing the largest Medicare fraud in history, let alone winning enough votes to put him in the Governor’s office in the first place, and backing up my wonderment with audio of his inarticulate and blathering answers that made Sarah Palin seem almost coherent.

Watch for yourself, if you dare…..

Or just listen to the clips I pulled along with my analysis….

And just to point out that FloriDUH isn’t the only state with an insane governor (by a long shot), have a look at this question from last night’s South Carolina Gubernatorial debate in which Gov. Nikki Haley asserts she has no problem with the Confederate Flag flying over the state capital because “not a single CEO” had complained!

Feel free to share the tales of your insane governor in the comments section below!

The big news scare story of the day continues to be Ebola. As I said yesterday, the ineptitude at the highest levels of every governmental agency is sad and should be some cause for alarm. The CDC blaming the nurses who got sick after caring for Duncan, and even blaming the one who flew on a commercial airliner without admitting that she had contacted them numerous times before getting on said plane (and them “not telling her not to fly”), etc, is just sickening in and of itself!

Today, I was joined by Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers who, in addition to being the nation’s second largest teachers union is also our second largest union representing nurses and other health care workers who explained that our front line workers should be taken care of instead of scapegoated. The AFT has put lots of info on their website at, and is working with its members and their employers to insure that there are protocols in place, and that the workers are protected.

It’s Thursday, so Amy Simon of She’s History  joined me with some fabulous female facts about the newest Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and the idiot in charge of things at Microsoft.

I’ll be gone for the next few days — taking tomorrow and Monday off. Tomorrow, we’ll have a bunch of my Flashback Friday musical segments programmed to run on the 24/7 audio stream, and this week’s shows will run in a loop Saturday through Monday. I’ll be back Tuesday (as long as we’re still standing) Radio or Not!