At the end of tonight’s show, I read a portion of my all-time favorite book. The thing is, Horton Hears a Who wasn’t my favorite book until I became politically aware! That’s when I realized what an activist Dr. Seuss was, and the fact that this supposed children’s book is all about exhorting each and every one of us to speak out, loudly and strongly, for the things in which we believe. You’ll hear the context if you listen through to the end of the podcast.

It shouldn’t be that difficult. Tonight’s show was a particularly good one, even if I do say so myself!

It started with a rehash of last night’s let down of a smack-down between Alan Grayson and Michelle Bachmann on the (years past retirement time) Larry King Show.

Progressive strategist Mike Lux joined me. I wanted to talk with him after reading his Open Left blog today “A Different Kind of Dancing in the Streets.” (That piece, and the fact that it was Dr. Seuss’s birthday Tuesday, inspired tonight’s special reading!)

My favorite activist and author of Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union, David Swanson, spoke with us about health care reform, John Yoo and torture accountability, and lots more.  (And if my reading makes you want to get more involved, David Swanson’s blog is a great place to find info about actions and protests!)

Victoria Jones checked in with a report from the Talk Radio News Service, including a very odd story about the American Family Association’s claim that Tilikum, the killer whale, should have been stoned to death after it first killed a trainer.

And my week was completed with a visit from comedienne/co-founder of Air America/co-creator of The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead!

I’ll be back with another new show Monday, 6-8pm ET…. Have a great weekend.