Natural disasters all.. or I guess we could consider Rick Perry an unnatural disaster!  The latest Gallup poll has Rick Perry jumping ahead of the GOP pack after one week of declared candidacy…  He’s 12 points ahead of Romney in 2nd place.  The invisible-to-the-media Ron Paul is in third, with Michelle Bachmann a distant fourth.

Strange times in which we’re living, huh?

As bad as the current crop of candidates offered by the Republicans might be, it’s still a rough road ahead for President Obama’s re-election.  He has some problems… We’ve talked about them at length, including on Monday’s Randi Rhodes Show with AlterNet’s Joshua Holland and his piece “The Obama Wars.”

Yes, the left is fighting with the left… not a good thing to do.

Another take on the infighting comes from Richard Eskow – senior fellow at the Campaign for America’s Future who’s also read widely on Huffington Post and seen often on The Young Turks.  His latest piece, “Helpless President Lit: The Latest Trend in Political Tragedy” answers a recent missive from WaPo’s Ezra Klein, “What could Obama have done?”

Richard will join me in the first hour of today’s show to answer that question…

It’s Thursday and therefore the end of the Nicole Sandler Show week… John Fugelsang will join in to help usher the weekend in with a laugh or two..