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This picture was taken sometime around 1992, in the KLOS/Los Angeles studio.  Of course, that’s James Taylor. And me. They guys to my left and my right are the famous (infamous) Mark and Brian with whom I spent four very busy, successful years as their producer.

They signed off from their last broadcast two weeks ago tomorrow after 25 years together at KLOS.  While my four years as part of the show sounds like a drop in their massive bucket, it was a big part of my professional life.

This morning, I welcomed Mark Thompson on the show to talk about his new venture – the Mark & Lynda Podcast with his wife of many, many years – and to reminisce about the good old days. 

In the second hour of the show, it was back to business as usual with a look at the RNC and lyin’ Paul Ryan.  I was joined in a threesome by The Brad Blog‘s Brad Friedman and author/pundit Cliff Schecter to talk about the GOP’s push to keep you from voting and to offer predictions about tonight’s performance by Mitt Romney and the “mystery guest.

I really do think it’ll be a Ronald Reagan holograph, a la Tupac… Just wait and see…