In addition to my regular show at Radio Or Not , I’ll be filling in for Randi Rhodes this afternoon.  So it’s a busy Tuesday, with no shortage of scandals (thank you Murdoch) and possible economic disaster (thank you GOP) to talk about.

On my show today, we’ll start with another organization that exists for nefarious purposes.  It’s known as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) – and we’re just learning how far reaching and ingrained this groups is in state legislatures.  We’re learning about it thanks, in part, to the Center for Media and Democracy who launched the website  Today, I’ll speak with CMD Executive Director Lisa Graves to find out what we need to know about ALEC.

In hour two, I’ll be joined by pundit, writer, political consultant Cliff Schecter to discuss the madness of today’s news – from Murdoch’s testimony today before the British Parliament to the debt ceiling to the GOP’s efforts to again kill Medicare…

Stay tuned for info on this afternoon’s Randi Rhodes show….