I have one rule for my show and my blog – honesty.  And I’d by lying if I said I’m not feeling sadness over what’s happening in our country today.  So many of us are experiencing the gamut of emotions.  Many of us who are on the same side of the political spectrum are fighting.  It seems, these days, that we’re all taking politics quite personally.

My friend Aaron Krager brought up this idea on his podcast… In an email to me, he said

“I feel like a lot of every day people – as well as activists – can fall into the trap of anger, despair, confusion and apathy.  It’s something we all need to keep in mind and be able to find a way through that fog.”

We had been discussing his latest DailyKos diary, “Struggling With Depression – Not Saying GBCW” in which he implored

“As the economy continues to struggle more people will find themselves delving into despair. As politicians continue to ignore us activists might find the anger and hopelessness a little too much to bear.

It is tough out there but I am not saying GBCW and I hope others don’t as well.”

If you’re like me and didn’t know, GBCW stands for Good-bye cruel world.

More on this topic comes from Mike Lux at Crooks and Liars… “Progressive? Depressed?  Here’s What’s Next

In hour two, I’ll speak with Digby, whose Hullabaloo blog is must-reading for everyone…


And for those of us who suffer from depression (yes, that includes me), we have to figure out a way to not let the politics get us down.