It’s a busy news week. Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings have been going on all week. General Petraeus was confirmed as the next leader of all forces in Afghanistan. Scott Brown successfully got the financial regulation legislation watered down even more, then decided not to vote for it after all. The Republicans successfully filibustered the extension of unemployment benefits yet again. Sharron Angle actually gave an interview. John Boehner proved that he doesn’t know jack shit about anything (details on that one coming up).

I get it. It’s a busy news week and there’s lots to talk about.  But millions of gallons of oil have been gushing out of a hole in the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, and it continues, with no end in sight. A toxic chemical dispersant -Corexit (that corrects NOTHING)- is being dumped into the Gulf along with the oil, further endangering the lives of the sea creatures and cleanup workers, and the EPA seems powerless to stop it!

Did you know that European countries have banned the use of this toxic soup? But we allow it here?

If it weren’t for Hurricane Alex hampering the skimming and cleanup efforts, I’m pretty sure most of the “news” organizations wouldn’t have even mentioned the BP disaster at all today.

Just to reinforce how seriously disastrous the situation is, have a look at this video that Keith Olbermann played tonight on Countdown.

Tonight, we continued talking about the disaster, and will continue to do so until it’s no longer a danger to the planet or any of its precious inhabitants.

I talked about it with Christy Harvey of the Center for American Progress (among other stories you otherwise might have missed), and with Rebecca Dana of the Daily Beast, who spent five days in coastal Louisiana last week among the locals, getting a feel for what they’re feeling.

I also shared some of the comedy highlights from Elena Kagan’s stand-up debut and (thanks to Huffington Post) we shared some sound from some of the more exciting SCOTUS confirmation hearings of years passed, including this little ditty from 1991. (Enjoy the youthful appearance of Arlen Spector, Joe Bide and Ted Kennedy)

I also shared some of the audio from John Boehners incredible (and I use the literal meaning of that world – unbelievable) interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune Review in which he proved that he has no comprehension of what the Deepwater Drilling moratorium is! This guy is the House Minority Leader? Incredible…

And, oh yeah, he wants to raise the retirement age to 70. Nice….

One last thing… Boehner has a great challenger for his House seat- Justin Coussoule.  Today is the last day of the quarter, so it’s down to the wire time for fundraising.

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