When I voted for Barack Obama for president a second time, the last thing I expected to happen on Veterans Day 2014 was that we’d be creating even more veterans. But sadly, that’s the case, as the president announced over the weekend that another 1500 troops would be deployed to Iraq to help fight ISIS/L (in advisory roles, of course).

As always, Jon Stewart hit the nail on the head with the bullshitedness of it all

We stepped in to Opposite World this morning, with a little help from the idiots still writing under the “Breitbart” banner and Rachel Maddow too, though Maddow refers to it as a “parallel universe”


So, how do we fight back against the madness? First step is at the local and state levels. Unfortunately, on the left side of the political spectrum, there hasn’t been much of an infrastructure there, until now! Introducing the State Innovation Exchange (aka SiX)

SiX is just launching this week, but this morning, I spoke with one of its founders, Nick Rathod, who explained the ways in which SiX will help state legislators navigate the waters in a more progressive manner than they have in the past.

Every other Tuesday morning, we gather the Gliberal Goddesses™GottaLaff, Amy Simon and moi – to talk about whatever is on our minds.

Amy told us about a fabulous female veteran, Deborah Sampson who was, probably, our first female combat veteran!

Of course, we talked about the electoral mess… and lots more.

We didn’t have time to play the whole segment, so I promised I’d post it here – on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” on CNN, host Brian Stelter was joined by Dan Rather and Dylan Ratigan in a discussion about the future of “Blue news” — most notably MSNBC and its recent slide in the ratings.

Yes, we have our work cut out for us. Good thing we have net neutrality, right? More on that tomorrow with‘s Tim Karr. Susie Madrak will be here tomorrow too, radio or not!