Well, yesterday, we had a last-minute change in the guest lineup on the Randi Rhodes Show.  I had been wanting to talk with Joan Walsh for quite some time, and she came through yesterday.

So, we bumped Lisa Graves until today!  She’ll join a few other terrific guests.

In the first hour, I’ll be joined by author Jeff Sharlet who exposed the strange goings-on on C Street in The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, and told us great stories in his latest collection of essays, Sweet Heaven When I Die. Although he lives in New Hampshire, Jeff spent a lot of time in Zucotti Park with Occupy Wall Street, and put together Occupy Writers.  We’ll talk about that and other issues of importance!

In the second hour, the afore-mentioned Lisa Graves of the Center for Media & Democracy and ALECexposed on the all-too familiar voter suppression laws popping up all over the country.

And in the third hour, we’ll speak with the head Young Turk, Cenk Uygur about his wild ride of a year.

Of course, we’ll continue our listen back through the 2011 audio archives, and take your calls at 866-87-RANDI.

BTW, I’ll do a special year end program tomorrow morning at Radio or Not, and then back here for another Randi Rhodes Show tomorrow afternoon….