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While the interwebs and TV pundits were buzzing this morning about Bill Clinton’s fiery speech last night at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, I was marveling at how moved I was by a nun.  Sister Simone Campbell came off the bus to talk to the American people and counter the anti-Christian message being sent by the Catholic bishops.

Although there were a number of great speeches yesterday, Day 2 of the 2012 DNC gathering (quite a contrast from last week’s GOP mess),  I was shocked at how much a nun’s speech moved me, an atheist Jew.  If you missed it, watch it here


The speech I was most anxiously awaiting was Elizabeth Warren’s.  No career politician she — she was drafted to run for the US Senate because she’s the real deal.  She knows what the problems are and how to fix them, which is why the GOP blocked her nomination to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which SHE DESIGNED!  But shit happens for a reason… and hopefully that means that she’ll serve in the US Senate and then as the first female President of the United States.

See what I’m talking about..



Sandra Fluke decided to speak out for women and was vilified by Rush Limbaugh and the other haters on the right.  Their hate continued to flow as she spoke last night – just see here for some examples, and then listen to her very positive message for women’s reproductive rights in the 21st century.


And then there was Bubba.  As much as I hate some of the things President Bill Clinton did (NAFTA, undoing Glass-Steagel, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that killed radio and more), I somehow still like the guy.  I guess he showed why with his speech last night….


This morning on the show, I recapped it all, then got a bit of female history from Amy Simon of She’s History, and commiserated with Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars.   

Tonight, we’ll see President Obama’s speech officially accepting the nomination and ostensibly laying out his vision for the next four years.  Let’s get him back in office and then push him to do the right things…