12-4-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Pardon Who? with Marcy Wheeler

Download here or click below to play     Forty-Seven days until the 46th president is sworn in and the 45th is banished from the White House! And poor old #45 seems to be losing what's left of his mind further each day. There's been a lot of chatter in recent days about Trump's pardon plans. He already pardoned Michael Flynn, and the rumors are that he'll pardon his cronies and family members including Giuliani, Jared Kushner, Kushner's dad, Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka... and himself. And this week we learned of a Pay for Pardon scheme that also implicates [...]

12-3-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein

Download here or click below to play     Forty-eight days until inauguration day, which means 48 days till we're rid of Trump. Sort of. Unfortunately, things won't suddenly get better on Jan 20. We're living in perilous times. Trump seems bound and determined to torch the place on his way out the door, and Biden seems to be drinking from the same well as Obama did, thinking that the Republicans who've vilified Democrats mercilessly for the past four years (and more), are all of a sudden going to work with us. It's Thursday, so Howie Klein joins in. Check [...]

12-2-20 Nicole Sandler Show – How to Stay Alive During a Pandemic and Other Cheerful Topics

Download here or click below to play   The news is horrific. So bad, in fact, that the White House coronavirus task force is issuing a dire warning about what’s yet to come. They're ominously predicting that a further post-Thanksgiving surge will compromise medical care overall. My old friend Spocko is trying to get everyone to pay attention. He has a new piece up at Crooks & Liars and joins us today. But first, we'll check in with Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for a post-mortem on the 2020 elections. I played two funnies today. First [...]

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12-1-20 Nicole Sandler Show – All Female Woman Tuesday with GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play   Counting down the days until the orange idiot and his minions evacuate the government. Its Tuesday, so @GottaLaff is here, sharing her prolific Twitter stream and all of its news with us. From Bill Barr to Neera Tanden and everything in between, there's lots to talk about today. Today's "funny" came from Founders Sing, with some help from Paul McCartney https://youtu.be/B-7nqahDOKs And today's show, YouTube style https://youtu.be/3hY-QDb5pik

11-30-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Tracing the Crazy Back to Brad Friedman

Download here or click below to play     I have not been closely following Donald Trump's myriad of lawsuits filed by his crack legal team of Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and Sydney Powell because it's all so ludicrous. There is simply too much actual important information I need to stay on top of. So, the "elite strike force" hadn't commanded too much of my attention-- well, except for the parts blaming Hugo Chavez for fixing the vote and the black crud leaking from inside Rudy's head-- until I had a conversation with Brad Friedman. Brad has been doing intrepid [...]

11-26-20 Nicole Sandler Thanksgiving Day Music Show

Download here or click below to play     I went back to my radio roots to play songs of gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day. Here's the playlist: WKRP I Thought Turkeys Could Fly Ray Davies - Thanksgiving Day Bonnie Raitt - I Thank You Sly & the Family Stone - Thank You (Fallettinne Be Mice Elf Again) Francis Dunnery - Grateful & Thankful Beatles - Thank You Girl Dido - Thank You World Party - Thank you World Natalie Merchant - Kind and Generous Led Zeppelin - Thank you Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant Happy Thanksgiving!  

11-25-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Much To Be Thankful For This Year

Download here or click below to play   It's the day before Thanksgiving Day, and this is the best I've felt in four long years. Obviously, all is not great, but we're better off now that the orange menace will be evicted from the White House in 55 days or so. There's news to share today as Trump goes further off the deep end and Joe Biden projects calm and competence. We'll check in with Ari Berman of Mother Jones for his take on how the election went and what it portends for the future. And I have a few [...]

11-24-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Transition Tuesday with GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play   The Trumpers in DC finally saw the writing on the wall and have allowed the transition to begin. That's one of many things I'll talk about with @GottaLaff. She joins me today, as she does every Tuesday, to talk about what's happening in our world, which seems a bit more normal today than it has for the past few years! Lauren Mayer brought today's funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPb2DsNj-eY   And here's today's show via YouTube https://youtu.be/PCB4AgNz5Ps

11-23-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Traitorous, Treasonous Trump

Download here or click below to play   Donald Trump routinely throws around the "treason" accusation, always wrongly. But when viewing his actions since election day, I think the charge sticks to him! I know we're not officially at war, but he is guilty of the crime of betraying his country, which is the definition of "treasonous". Some are saying he's guilty of sedition, rather than treason. I thought it was time to call in an expert. So I'm joined today by Carlton F.W. Larson. Larson is Professor of Law at US/Davis, where he teaches American Constitutional Law and legal [...]

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