I interview lots of authors on the show, and get sent lots of books whose authors I don’t interview. I’ve amassed a library of fascinating books that I’m offering here for a minimum donation of $10 each. Feel free to send more!

Here’s how it works. Check out the list of books below. Clicking on the book covers will take you to each book’s description on Amazon. Of course, you’re welcome to purchase from Amazon (and we’ll get a small commission on each sale), or you can send me an email telling me which of the books you’d like, and I’ll remove them from the available list.









Greg Sargent – An Uncivil War: Taking Back our Democracy in an age of Trumpian Disinformation and Thunderdome Politics







Sally Kohn – The Opposite of Hate


     Mitch Landrieu – In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History

    Louis Hyman – Temp: How American Work, American Business, and the American Dream Became Temporary

   David D. Kirkpatrick – Into the Hands of the Soldiers: Freedom and Chaos in Egypt and the Middle East

   Eric W. Saeger – Russian Nazi Troll Bots! The Busy Person’s Guide to How Trump’s Trolls Won the Internet, What’s Ahead, and What You Can Do

   Elaine Weiss – The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote
   Johann Hari – Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression- and the Unexpected Solutions

   Patrisse Khan-cullors & asha bandele – When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir

   Timothy Keller – The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God’s Mercy

   David Montero – Kickback: Exposing the Global Corporate Bribery Network

   DeRay Mckesson – On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case for Hope

   Tim Ortman – Newsreal: A View Through the Lens When…

   David Faris – It’s Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics

   Amanda Marcotte – Troll Nation: How the Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set on Ratf*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself

   Thomas Frank – Listen, Liberal: Or What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?

   Joshua Zeitz – Building the Great Society: Inside Lyndon Johnson’s White House

Debbie Cenziper & Jim Obergefell – Love Wins: The Lovers and Lawyers Who Fought for the Landmark Case for Marriage Equality

   Ted Rall – The Book of Obama: From Hope and Change to the Age of Revolt

   Lee Fang – The Machine: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right

  Don Lessem – Who Said It? Trump or This Other Schmuck?

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