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Hey kids, guess what time it is! It’s job creation time! Which means it’s time to bring back that sexy economic data source, the Bikini Graph! In this episode, we learn that the unemployment rate dropped to 5.9%, the lowest it’s been since July 2008.  That sound you hear is the GOP demanding President Obama’s impeachment for allowing this to happen on his watch. Jobsghazi!!!!

As always, red columns point to monthly job totals under the Bush administration, while blue columns point to job totals under the Obama administration:

bikini graph Oct 2014 private sector

bikini graph Oct 2014 overall

unemployment under Obama Oct 2014

Via Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog, here’s more on the new report from Bureau of Labor Statistics, including how the U.S. economy added 248,000 jobs in September, which was way above expectations. The private sector added 236,000, and the public sector added 12,000:

Once again, public-sector layoffs did not drag down the overall employment figures.


For the right, which is still under the illusion that President Obama’s tax breaks and health care law are destroying the economy, this is the sort of jobs report that will be very difficult to explain. […]

At this point, with the year more than half over, 2014 is on track to be the best year for U.S. job creation since 1999.

In the past year, we’ve added over 2.63 million jobs overall and 2.58 million in the private sector. “What’s more, September was the 55th consecutive month in which we’ve seen private-sector job growth – the longest on record.”

Say it with me now:

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