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Hey kids, guess what time it is! It’s job creation time! Which means it’s time to bring back that sexy economic data source, the Bikini Graph! That sound you hear is the GOP demanding President Obama’s impeachment for allowing this to happen on his watch. Jobsghazi!!!!

As always, red columns point to monthly job totals under the Bush administration, while blue columns point to job totals under the Obama administration. Me oh my, look at all that blue!

Bikini Graph Feb 2015 overall

Via Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog, here’s the latest on the new report from Bureau of Labor Statistics, including how the U.S. economy added 257,000 jobs in January. “Where are the jobs?” the GOP asks. Why, right here, you fools, in spite of your efforts to stifle Democratic jobs bills galore.

“Oh yeah? Well how about that uptick in the unemployment rate, huh? Huh?? What about THAT?!” those on the right are whining. All you had to do was ask, says we:

The overall unemployment rate inched higher, from 5.6% to 5.7%, but this was an encouraging increase – more Americans are entering the market again.

Hang onto your three-cornered hats, GOP, the news gets even better:

Once a year, the

[Bureau of Labor Statistics] publishes benchmark revisions, going back and recalculating monthly job totals for all of the previous year, and that report was released today. And on this front, the news was even better – November’s totals were revised up from 353,000 to 423,000, while December’s figures were revised up, from 252,000 to 329,000. Combined, that’s an additional 147,000 jobs. […]

[W]age increases last month were the best Americans have seen in six years.

Tee and hee. Neener and nanner.

In the past year, we’ve added over 3.1 million jobs overall and 2.86 million in the private sector.

What’s more, January was the 52nd consecutive month of positive job growth – the best stretch since 1939 – and the 58th consecutive month in which we’ve seen private-sector job growth, which is the longest on record.
Benen has more at the link.

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