It’s a busy show tonight, and I want to make sure you have links to all the guests and most of the topics!

We’ll kick things off at 11pm ET/8pm PT with John Amato of Crook & Liars. I’ve been a fan of that site for a long time, and this is John’s first appearance on my show, so I’m quite excited about it.

But I’m at a bit of a disadvantage, as the story he wants to talk about tonight deals with baseball player Mark McGwire, his steroid use, and the fact that former George W. Bush spokesliar Ari Fleisher has stepped in for steroid damage control.

But I have a secret weapon at my disposal. My boyfriend, David Sloane, happens to be a sports agent who exclusively represents baseball players.  So he’ll join in on the conversation to help me look good, as he usually does!

At 11:30 ET/8:30 PT, we’ll head out to Los Angeles to speak with the woman who will hopefully be the next Congresswoman from CA’s 36th district, Marcy Winograd. On Saturday, the Blue America PAC will announce their first 2010 endorsement, and Marcy Winograd is the candidate who gets the honor.

The midnight hour is saved for my regular Thursday night guest, comedian John Fugelsang.  We’ll talk about anything and everything in the news and more.  And tonight we really want to hear from you, so pick up the phone and call in at 866-303-2270.

To listen live or watch the video stream of me talking into the microphone, just look to your left and click on the appropriate link!