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3-24-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Social Distancing Tuesday with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play     Just when we thought things couldn't possibly get any worse, we get hit with a global pandemic. Someone has a sick sense of humor. Anyway, it's Tuesday, so we won't let a little thing like COVID19 keep us from having some fun with GottaLaff as we try to maintain our sanity in the face of madness. We played a couple of song parodies to start the show today. First up, a new one from Randy Rainbow And yet another parody of My Sharona...

3-17-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Social Distancing Tuesday with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play   It’s Social Distancing Tuesday… it’s also primary day in Florida, Arizona and Illinois, where some people are going out to vote and others are opting to stay safe and stay home. In Ohio, they were supposed to vote today but were told to just stay home. So is it really an election day? We don’t know. All we know is that this is uncharted territory… and that it’s Tuesday, so GottaLaff is here to help us navigate the unfamiliar waters. At least we can keep our physical distance while gathering in our [...]

3-11-20 Nicole Sandler Show – West Wing Wednesday with @Lawrence O’Donnell

Download here or click below to play   Nicole Sandler welcomes MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell to the show today to have the conversation we started on Twitter last week regarding socialism. It comes the day after "Mini Tuesday" in which Bernie Sanders took a beating from Joe Biden, but announced he's staying in the debate and looking forward to Sunday night's one-on-one debate.

3-10-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Mini Tuesday with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play     It's a must-win day for Bernie Sanders as the establishment Democrats have come together in force to give the nomination to Joe Biden and keep it from Sanders. Oh, and we're all living in fear of the coronavirus too. It's Tuesday, so GottaLaff joins in to help us take our minds off of the misery, for an hour anyway...

Information and advice from one of the first molecular virologists in the world to work on coronaviruses

A friend of mine shared this with me, and I want to pass it along, because I found it to be informative and more explicit than other guidance pieces I've seen. Add it to all the other info you're gathering; I hope it helps answer a few lingering questions. James Robb, MD UC San Diego, is a virologist who’s worked with this virus for almost 50 years. Here's one of his early descriptions of coronaviruses, and here's a book chapter he wrote for “Comprehensive Virology.” From what I understand, this was first published on Facebook: Below is a detailed description [...]

3-3-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Super Tuesday with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play   Every Tuesday, GottaLaff joins Nicole Sandler to riff on the latest news, as gleaned from Laffy's prolific Twitter stream. Today is Super Tuesday, and it follows a weekend filled with lots of news, so we have so much to discuss today, including the end of the Steyer, Buttigieg and Klobuchar campaigns and the long-awaited exit of Chris Matthews from MSNBC and more!

2-25-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesdays with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play     If it's Tuesday, it's GottaLaff on the Nicole Sandler Show. We get together each week at this time to shoot the shit about what's in the news, as gleaned from Laffy's prolific Twitter stream. Today Nicole welcomes a lot of new followers on Twitter after an epic RT from Nina Turner! There it is @nicolesandler! There. It. Is. These folks have nothing else. Where is the outrage over poverty? The outrage over a health system that does not care. Outrage over 500,000 people sleeping on the streets at night. Outrage at [...]

2-18-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Pardon Me, It’s Tuesday with @GottaLaff

 download here or click to play below Every Tuesday, Nicole Sandler is joined by GottaLaff to shoot the shit about the news as gleaned from Laffy's prolific Twitter stream. And today we get to start things with a new Randy Rainbow video!

2-11-20 Nicole Sandler Show – NH Election Day Tuesday with @GottaLaff (and @BenjaminPDixon Too)

Just click to play: or download here Voting in the 2020 presidential election has officially begun as New Hampshire goes to the polls for the first-in-the-nation primary today, and the gloves are off. And it's ugly out there. It's Tuesday, so GottaLaff is here to shoot the shit about the news. We've got lots to talk about today! But first, we check in with friend of the show Benjamin Dixon, who unearthed the audio of Michael Bloomberg speaking at the Aspen Institute in 2015 about stop and frisk, and it's stunning... In fact, here it is again, transcribed so you [...]

2-4-20 Nicole Sandler Show -Impeachment, Caucuses, State of the Union and Tuesday with @GottaLaff

Just click to play: or download here Too bad there's nothing much happening in the news to discuss today with GottaLaff during our regular Tuesday get-together... Only the end of the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the mess that was the Iowa caucuses and tonight's State of the Union address. I'm sure we'll find something of interest to talk about....

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