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7-7-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesdays with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play     Every Tuesday, GottaLaff joins Nicole Sandler to shoot the shit about what's happening in the news, as gleaned from Laffy's Twitter stream. Today, Trump continues his slide into insanity, Covid rages, Mary Trump's book is moved up two weeks, she says Trump paid someone to take his SATs, Brazil's Bolsinaro has the Rona and more. These days there's never a shortage of Trump travesties to talk about! We played TWO funnies today. First, the latest from Randy Rainbow!   And since we watched "Hamilton" this weekend, this one speaks to me... [...]

6-30-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Another Tuesday in Quarantine with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play     The month of June comes to a close today as the sane among us are staying safe at home, while the virus deniers are out fueling the pandemic. Cases have been spiking across most of the country, with no relief in sight. The Supreme Court term is winding down, but they've been releasing decisions at a snail's pace. Trump is flirting with treason, and the unbelievable news stories keep coming at breakneck speed. It's a good thing GottaLaff is here today, so we can cover much of what's happening in this [...]

6-23-20 Nicole Sandler Show -Tuesdays with @GottaLaff (and Donald & Ivanka too)

Download here or click below to play   Every Tuesday, GottaLaff and Nicole get together to dish about the news, mostly as gleaned from Laffy's Twitter feed. As with most days these days, there's a plethora of news to choose from. Today is also primary day in KY and NY, where big progressive wins are possible... Trump is in Arizona for another rally, and John Bolton's long-teased book is finally on sale. With all that going on, don't be surprised if Ivanka Trump and her daddy dropped in for a few... For those wondering, Donald was played by the awesome [...]

6-16-20 Nicole Sandler Show- Another Tuesday at Home with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play   I've lost track of the number of weeks we've been safely staying at home, but it's been a while. One cool silver lining of the pandemic has been the creativity with which people are communicating-- not counting the idiots who are acting as if the danger has passed. We're halfway through 2020, and things have just gotten even more surreal with three weeks of protests and a sea change in attitudes toward race relations and policing. Needless to say, GottaLaff's Twitter feed has been scrolling nonstop. It's Tuesday, so Laffy is here [...]

6-9-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesday Tweeting with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play     George Floyd's funeral is being carried on every TV network today, which must be making dear leader unhappy. He took to Twitter again today to smear Martin Gugino, the 75-year old man who was pushed to the ground by two Buffalo cops, as an "Antifa provocateur", accusing him of setting up the cops to injure him. With so many instances of police brutalizing peaceful protesters over the past two weeks, I understand the reason behind the "Defund the Police" sentiment, but fear the messaging is wrong. I'll explain what I mean. [...]

6-2-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Awaiting the Locusts, with @GottaLaff @ShesHistoryAmy

Download here or click below to play   With each new day comes a new crisis, thanks to Donald Trump. The US leads the world in covid-19 infections and deaths. We've lost our standing in the world. We've alienated our allies, while the president aligns with strong men and dictators. And yesterday, he had military police fire tear gas and flash bang grenades at peaceful protesters to clear his way for a photo op at a DC church, where he used a bible as a prop. And America burns. On Tuesdays, I gather with my gliberal girlfriends GottaLaff and Amy [...]

5-26-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Another Tuesday in Lockdown with Gliberal Goddesses @GottaLaff and @ShesHistoryAmy

Download here or click below to play   It's Tuesday, the day that GottaLaff joins me to dish on the news. Since we entered shelter-at-home mode a couple of months ago, our old friend and the third member of the Gliberal Goddesses, Amy Simon began working at home and is able to sneak away for a bit to join us for these gatherings, so Amy joins in too. Of course, as always, we begin with some news and commentary and something to make us laugh... Today's funny came from Steven Wolff of Vancouver, Canada 

5-19-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Tuesdays with @GottaLaff and the Gliberal Goddesses

Download here or click below to play     It's another Tuesday at home. Parts of the country have begun opening up again, but there seems to be an ideological divide about taking precautions against the virus. Democrats believe in wearing masks and social distancing, and Republicans don't. I'm staying safely at home... Trump is trying every distraction ploy in the books to keep the public from blaming him for the carnage under his watch... five times more deaths due to Covid-19 than the nation with the second most casualties. We have lots to discuss when GottaLaff joins in for [...]

5-12-20 Nicole Sandler Show -Split Screen Tuesday- SCOTUS, Senate hearings and the Gliberal Goddesses @GottaLaff and @ShesHistoryAmy

Download here or click below to play   It's a split-screen kind of day. The Supreme Court is hearing arguments over Trump's taxes and financial information that are under subpoena from both the House of Representatives and New York State. And the Senate HELP committee is holding a hearing with Dr. Fauci and three other COVID-19 experts being questions by the senators. @GottaLaff and Amy Simon are watching the senate hearing; I'm listening to the Supreme Court arguments. We'll discuss both and more today on the show!  

5-5-20 Nicole Sandler Show – Cinco de Mayo Tuesday in Quarantine with @GottaLaff

Download here or click below to play     It's another Tedious Tuesday at home, but it sure beats the alternative. @GottaLaff returns for our regular Tuesday get-together to talk about anything and everything... The funnies today came from The Kiffness (David Scott) of South Africa  And the second one is from our friend Lauren Mayer 

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