So, today is my birthday.  At least I got a really good horoscope for today:

You’re the star, and opportunities abound this year. Fix up your home over the next five months. Expect a boost in creativity, partnership and romance over autumn and again in spring. Prepare to launch late next July. There’s travel involved. Make an exciting career move, and grow skills. Bank your profits.

And the general Scorpio outlook:

You’re surrounded by money-making opportunities, and by love. Don’t close the door on opportunities. File them for later, if you can’t manage all now. Have faith in your own imagination. Take good care of your guests.

So, I’ve got that going for me..

In the meantime, today, Charlie Crist announced he’s running for Governor, again.  Crist was the last governor of Florida.  A Republican at the time, he decided not to run for re-election as he had his sights set on a higher office.  So, he ran for the US Senate.  When it became clear he wouldn’t win the GOP nomination, he dropped his party affiliation and ran as an independent. He lost to Marco Rubio, and split the Democratic vote with Kendrick Meek.  And handed the governor’s office to Rick Scott.

Now he claims he’s a Democrat, and is running again.

Sorry Charlie, I’ll take Nan Rich any day of the week over your any-way-the-wind-blows stances on political issues.

And now you know why I call it FloriDUH.

There’s some good news on tap today as the Senate will take up a cloture vote on ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) which would prohibit businesses with 15 or more employees from making employment decisions based on a worker’s sexual orientation or gender identity.  It was first introduced in 1994, and looks like it might have the votes to pass the Senate…  Then, of course, there’s the House… Ugh.

Tomorrow is election day in NJ and VA where each state will elect a governor.  For some reason, the people of NJ will likely re-elect a big bully, Chris Christie, by a ridiculously large margin.  Just in case you missed it, this weekend, he yelled at another public school teacher.


This time, she responded with a letter that you should read here.

In my best Jersey accent, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? (Probably the same thing that’s wrong with Floriduhians who elected Rick Scott)…

Never in a million years would I guess that Terry MacAuliffe would be elected governor of any state, but the people of Virginia will elect him tomorrow.  At least they know that a knucklehead is better than a douchebag (the best work I could find to describe Ken Cuccinelli).

In Washington state tomorrow, voters will have the opportunity to vote yes on initiative 522 to  require that all genetically modified foods be labelled as such.   This morning, I spoke with Zack Kaldveer, assistant media director of the Organic Consumers Association about GMO foods, Monsanto and more…

And if it’s Monday, Nicole Belle and her colleagues at Crooks and Liars are still recovering from watching all the right wingers lie on the Sunday talking head shows. But Nicole manages to shake it off and bring us the worst of the appearances:

Rand Paul still doesn’t understand what plagiarism means
. And George Stephanopoulos lets him get away with it.

Bernie Kerik finds empathy after being caught committing crimes and going to prison.  So NBC News interviews him on prison reform.  But you know who had that empathy and called for prison reform for decades before Kerik?  Liberals, who never get invited on the Sunday shows.  (Really just the first minute introducing Kerik—because everything he said was stuff we agree with)

Bill Kristol is never right, which means his pronouncement of Obamacare being dead should indicate it’s much more successful than the GOP would like, even with all their obstruction.  But what’s even better is the gentle, yet pointed responses he gets from David Axelrod and Katty Kay which tells us that they know he’s full of crap.

Lindsey Graham, who will never be faced with the choice of whether to terminate a pregnancy, has declared that a ban on abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy is “worthy of a great democracy.”

And the man who had more “Pants on Fire” ratings than the candidate he lost to has the unmitigated gall to concern troll President Obama’s honesty