This weekend, America’s Dick admitted that he believes laws don’t apply to him, and he is the final arbiter of what constitutes torture and what doesn’t. I say we let Cheney experience everything we did to “detainees” and then we can decide if it was torture or not.

In his Meet the Press interview yesterday, Dick Cheney gave any prosecutor in the world more than enough to try and convict him of war crimes. Now we just need someone to step up an arrest him.

Sadly, President Barack Obama will be of no use here. Obama just sat by while Congress opened the door to another massive taxpayer bailout of the biggest banks in the world. As Nancy Pelosi said last week, “Privatize the gain, nationalize the risk”.  Déjà vu  all over again!

Down with Tyranny’s Howie Klein joined me this morning to talk about the weekend happenings in the US Senate, where the Wall Street minions pretended to stand with Elizabeth Warren – but didn’t really, and Ted Cruz’ latest asinine blunder in addition to Darth Cheney’s torturous ways.

I also checked in with UltraViolet co-founder Shaunna Thomas, who’s doing damage control after Rolling Stone’s botched story about the epidemic of college sexual assault and the lack of appropriate action to stop and prevent it.

Tomorrow, WI Congressman Mark Pocan makes his debut appearance on the show, and then GottaLaff joins me so we can try to cheer up one another.  Tis’ the season, y’know….  radio or not!