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If we keep repeating what happened last night in Washington and Michigan, we’re going to wind up with a Congress full of assholes like Allen West and Mitt Romney in the White House. 

Last night, the voters in Washington’s 1st Congressional district really blew it.  Instead of nominating a true progressive in Darcy Burner, they wound up with a corpora-Dem in Suzan DelBene, who’ll likely not make it as far as election day in November due to her shoddy (illegal?) financial disclosure filings

According to Howie Klein over at DownWithTyranny:

…empty suit New Dem Suzan DelBene and her rich husband are trying to buy the seat, putting over $1.9 million of their own money into the race, dwarfing Burner and the three other Democrats in the race by a 4 to 1 margin. But if the Republican-controlled House Ethics committee has anything to say about it, a DelBene victory in the primary would almost certainly hand the seat over to extreme right-wing Republican John Koster. In 2011, DelBene refused to file the financial disclosure form that all candidates are required to file. Refusing to file the form is a federal felony punishable by up to $50,000 and five years in prison. While no one has filed a complaint against DelBene yet, Republicans will almost certainly go after DelBene in the general election for a seat that many consider to be one of the top Republican pick-up opportunities in the country. When voters are presented with a choice between a Tea Party Republican and a criminal, corporatist Democrat, no one will win.

With the DelBene’s millions, they blanketed the airwaves and pulled out a victory last night.  Unfortunately, the people of Washington will likely now see their district “represented” by teabagger John Koster in the same way mine has been “represented by Allen West for the past two years.

This one hurts, and if we progressives don’t get our shit together, we’ll have a Congress filled with teabaggers who believe government is bad and America should be about every man, woman and child for his or her self.


Kudos to Mother Jones for turning the spotlight on one of the worst of the worst with their piece, “Shit Rep. West Says: The Epic Video Anthology”.  Of course, none of his madness is new to me.. but Florida’s election day is Tuesday, August 14, and we need to send Allen West packing.

Today on the show, I also remembered Rick Perry’s pronouncement during a debate in September that he never loses sleep about the possibility of executing an innocent person. Last night, the state of Texas executed a mentally retarded man with an IQ of 61. Shame. Shame. Shame. 

I was joined in the first hour by my buddy Cliff Schecter, who commiserated with me on the problems we face as a nation, last night’s horrible election results, and the need for real regulations to safeguard our people against gun violence.

And John Fugelsang joined in so I could congratulate him on his new show on Current TV, premiering this fall!

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be broadcasting live from the Veterans for Peace convention in Miami.  See you there!