I think if the world would let us do it, Maysoon Zayid and I could fix our problems.  She joined me today on the show to have some fun, and vent! Follow her on twitter, and tell her to start doing a show Friday mornings here at  Radio or Not!

We started the show with a call to activist Austin Guest – a veteran of Occupy Wall Street – who was featured in this video, and is one of the organizers of today’s #M15 F the Banks action:

We then turned to a topic discussed quite a bit here, but virtually not at all in the mainstream corporate media –
HR 347, the ‘‘Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011’’.  Russ Baker examined everything about that law (President Obama quietly signed it into law last week) in WHOFACTCHECK: New Bill a Protest Clampdown? . We talked about the law, why its sponsors said it was necessary, and what we see as the giant, gaping holes inside it!   Plus, as author of the definitive book on the Bush crime family, Family of Secrets, Russ gave us a bit of insight into Jeb – whom many on the right are hoping will become their nominee!

Congrats to our pal John Fugelsang who didn’t join us this morning, as he is the new dad of a bouncing baby boy!  He’ll be back next Thursday.  And I’ll be back Monday, radio or not!