Ted Cruz invoice



So now we learn that the government shutdown that lasted 16 days will cost we the taxpayers around $24 billion.  I say we send Ted Cruz the bill!

I don’t know if the email address on the invoice is correct, but feel free to post it on his Facebook page, send it to him on Twitter, or email it to his office .

So, after Cruz and his followers shut down the government, cost us $24 billion (so much for those fiscal conservatives), and put the good faith and credit of our nation at risk, these asshats got nothing.  Or did they?

David Dayen joined me this morning on the show to discuss his latest piece for Salon in which he tells us the the income verification concession in the deal cut last night isn’t so “small”.  (Especially when you understand that income verification is already law!)

Absurdity Today‘s Julianna Forlano checked in, as she should, as this whole mess is absurd.

Amy Simon of She’s History today told us about the awesomeness of Malala Yousafzai.

And I was thrilled to spend some time with Credo Mobile‘s VP/Political Director Becky Bond who explained how their wonderful business plan works (they use the profits from their cell phone company to support progressive causes).  I hope you’ll help support their work and, in turn, support this show by signing up for Credo phone service.  After all, you’re going to have a cell phone. Why not insure that some of the money you pay for that service goes to support the things you care about!

Next week will be a busy one!  I’ll be pulling double duty, hosting my show at our regular time each morning, and guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show each afternoon…  See you there!