Pope Francis has left the country… but not before turning the US into a giant Catholic Church.



David Cameron and his pig are all the rage in the UK. I’ll just let John Oliver explain:




Yes, that is Bernie Sanders holding his own copy of Jonathan Tasini‘s new book, The Essential Bernie Sanders and his Vision for America.

Jonathan joined me for the final 3o minutes of today’s show to talk about Bernie and his call for a “political revolution,” the book and the reality that Bernie Sanders is actually polling better than Hillary Clinton in matchups against the GOP candidates. 

Tomorrow, Barnes & Noble will have the book on display up front, giving us the chance to show that we feel the Bern.  Find out more about Jonathan Tasini, Bernie Sanders, the book and more at workinglife.org.

Since it’s Monday, we hung out with Joel Silberman in the first hour and, as always, he helps us make sense out of our senseless political system and the Sunday shows!

Tomorrow, Steven Thrasher returns to share his Burning Man experiences, and @GottaLaff comes back too, radio or not!