Although this week wasn’t quite as bad as last week, I’m still mired in computer hell. But at least we made it on the air four days this week. A new computer is coming, as is my refurbished Mac (for all you Mac-heads who responded to my words of woe with unhelpful missives like “get a Mac”.  

Meanwhile, I’m running with my defective computer working just well enough to get back on the air temporarily, until the new one arrives. So I appreciate your patience.

Today, Julianna Forlano was here, helping me wrap up the week. She was able to score a ticket to see the Pope in Central Park next week, so she regaled us with the story of how she became a lapsed Catholic.

We segue into the weekend each Friday morning in the second hour of the show with a Flashback Friday musical blast from my radio past. Today we went back to sometime in 1994 when Chris Isaak and his drummer & trusty side-kick Kenney Dale Johnson joined me on the air at KSCA in Los Angeles. In addition to the great music, there were lots of laughs. Enjoy, and I’ll see you Monday morning, radio or not….

chris and kenney