wonka hypocrite


Yesterday, during this program, Sen. Bernie Sanders made history as the first Democratic presidential candidate to ever speak at a Liberty University convocation. 

As those of us nonbelievers in America are constantly getting religion shoved down our collective throats, I thought it would be interesting to hear what Bernie had to say to these young evangelical students.

Sadly, the media got it wrong again. I kept hearing how receptive the Liberty University students were. Except for the fact that they weren’t! The Sanders campaign was allotted a certain number of tickets so that they’d have some supporters in attendance. If you look at the crowd shots during the video of the speech, you’ll see one group in the lower stage-right corner of your screen that gave him a standing ovation. Those are the Bernie supporters.

Throughout the speech, every time the camera cut to the crowd, I looked to see what they were doing. And for the most part, they sat on their hands with scowls on their faces. See for yourself in this quick video I edited together of a few of the crowd shots.

Now that you’re primed, sit back and watch the whole thing:


It’s Tuesday, so in hour two, I was joined by GottaLaff… Going to get some work done on the computer again… See you tomorrow, radio or not!