thank you jon stewart


Yes, last night Fox hosted the first Republican clown car presidential hopefuls debate. But for me (and millions like me), the night was more momentous for the fact that it was the final episode of The Daily Show in the Jon Stewart era, and we’re all losers because of it.

Make no mistake, we’ll never be as big a loser as any of the 17 clowns who answered often insulting and hyperbolic questions having no bearing on what it takes to be POTUS, but we lose nonetheless.

This morning, Julianna Forlano joined me in our highly-biased analysis of the debates (I watched both the Kiddie Table and the Big Boy’s debate), and I can’t believe we have 18 more months of this shitstorm ahead, but we do.

I was far more moved, upset and consumed by Jon Stewart’s final show than I was by anything any of those sad, misguided figures had to say… In case you missed it.

You get the idea…

Each Friday we end the week with a Flashback Friday musical blast from the past. Today, we went back to August 9, 1995. I was hosting the morning show at KSCA fm 101.9 in Los Angeles when we got word that Jerry Garcia had died. We went into all Grateful Dead mode, and I wound up hosting a vigil that evening at Griffith Park. I found the aircheck tape from that morning’s show, and today, we listened back to that snapshot in time from 20 years ago this Sunday.

I’ll be back Monday morning to take on a whole new week with Joel Silberman, Frangela and whatever the news throws at us, radio or not!