We’ve been watching as MSNBC has been dismantling the once slightly left-leaning network to continue its game of follow the leader with Fox. Gone is the lower case msnbc, replaces with a more strident MSNBC. Gone are the opinion-dominated shows at 3, 4, 5 and now 6pm, to be replaced with straight news (apparently of the same brand of “fair and balanced” as their aspirational role model Fox).

The weekend morning show, Up, which was must-see TV in its earlier incarnation as hosted by Chris Hayes, has been relegated to a shadow of its former self under its current Kornacki leadership. But this weekend, it reached a new all-time low, thanks to guest host Jonathan Capehart and guest Josh Barro.

In a segment ostensibly about the latest poll numbers that show Bernie Sanders within 7 points of Hillary Clinton in Iowa (and still ahead of him in NH), Capehart, Barro and their two female guests did everything they could to dismiss, discount and even laugh at Bernie Sanders’ surge in popularity, pushing Joe Biden as the Dems best hope to win?!???

MSNBC, for whatever reason, never posted that segment. So I tracked it down myself because I had to share it with you. In case you’re worried that you missed some of the disses, I isolated them for you in this clip:

I’m trying to shame Josh Barro or Jonathan Capehart to respond via Twitter, so far to no avail. Feel free to help!

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I’ll be back tomorrow with Lisa Graves of and GottaLaff returns too, radio or not!