An hour goes by very quickly. I really thought that cutting back to one hour a day would make things easier as I’m having trouble keeping my thoughts straight these days, but it’s just less time to fit in  lot of information.

After tomorrow’s show, I’ll be taking a few weeks off. My surgery is on Tuesday, and I have a million things to do before then, and a few doctors appointments and tests too. So, I’ll do something very unusual for me, and will be on hiatus for a while.

I will post here and on the Fuck Cancer page. And maybe I’ll be ambitious and will knock out a What’s News? when I’m feeling up to it… so I’ll be near by.

Today is Tuesday, so GottaLaff was here to shoot the shit about all things in the news, including Trump insanity, Melania madness, Fox fuckers and a really infuriating, horrible story about the autistic young man with the toy truck who was sitting on a Miami street when cops shot his caregiver.

All of my thanks will have to wait for tomorrow…