I decided to cut the show back to one hour a day today and, of course, forgot to start the recorder going. On top of that, I forgot to start the YouTube stream! So today’s show begins already in progress… It just shows how scattered I’ve been lately.

The one thing I haven’t been scattered about is the cancer. I keep all the doctors appointments straight and, for the most part, have stayed on top of the stupid, unnecessary, bullshit referrals. I did my research and met with three surgeons, and made a decision.

And now my surgery is scheduled for a week from tomorrow! So after Wednesday’s show, I’ll go on a brief hiatus… More on that later.

Today was the first day of school. My baby girl is now a senior in high school! I thought it was a good day to check in with Jeff Bryant of Education Opportunity Network to talk about charter schools and the state of public education.

While Louisiana’s still flooded and President Obama is heading there tomorrow, I invited the Green News Report‘s Desi Doyen on the show to talk about the state of the planet.

Tomorrow, it’s GottaLaff Tuesday!