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It’s a very busy Monday here on the show. We have two very different guests on two very different subjects.
First up – Drew Comments  released an amazing video explaining why he took the vaccine and I just had to talk with him. So he joins us at the top of the show. Drew has different screen names in different places. On YouTube, he’s Drew Comments. On Twitter he’s @sjs856. On Instagram, he’s @DrewComments.

Just in case you haven’t yet seen it, this is Drew’s video explaining why he got vaccinated, and why you should too!  I played the video again today, then spent a few minutes talking with Drew about it.

Julie K. Brown is a reporter for the Miami Herald who broke the Jeffrey Epstein story. Her book, Perversion of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein Story, was just released. She joined us for the second half hour to tell us the ugly details.

Here’s today’s show, YouTube style, for those who like to watch.