Today, I shared my frustration with our broken healthcare system. The for-profit insurance industry is, itself, a cancer that needs to be eradicated.

I’ve spent the past 24 hours trying to find a top-rated cancer hospital that actually takes the crappy insurance policy I bought at Perhaps someone can explain to me the value of health insurance if you can’t use it to get treatment. This is why we need Medicare for All.

Today on the show, I spoke with Portia Boulger, one of the founders of Women for Bernie, a Bernie Sanders delegate to the DNC and longtime Democratic activist. She told us about her experience at the convention and how she’s approaching the post-primary political season. She’s now teamed up with Annabel Park to help launch a new movement, Save Main Street. Find them on Twitter and Facebook.

In hour two, as she does each Tuesday, GottaLaff chimed in with some Tweets and stories of interest.

I’ll be out tomorrow for yet another test. All the details are on my Fuck Cancer page – this is the EBUS test, and it’s my last one before I get the final diagnosis and treatment plan on Friday.

Tomorrow, we’ll run Thom Hartmann in the first hour, and a special best of in the second hour. I’ll be back Thursday to chat with Driftglass and Howie Klein. Thanks for bearing with me through this all.