My suggestion of turning presidential elections in a reality show to get Americans more interested is playing out by itself. Sadly, the interest seems to be mostly centered around the one contestant candidate who is already a reality TV “star”.

Unfortunately for her, Megyn Kelly didn’t get the memo, and she asked the GOP front-runner some actual questions about things he’s said and positions he’s taken in the past. The front-runner, circus barker Donald Trump, to offense to being asked actual questions in an event billed as a “debate” demanded an apology after he made some misogynistic remarks about Ms. Kelly, who said she would also not apologize.

According to reports today (this is what our so-called news media spends its time on, apparently), Fox “News” chief Roger Alies and Trump allegedly spent a lot of time going back and forth before agreeing that neither side would apologize, and they’d just forget about it and pretend it never happened. Isn’t that just how they act about all their fuckups (Bush, Iraq, mortgage crisis, etc)?

It was a busy show today. Harvey J. Kaye was here for his every-other-Thursday segment, talking about the clown car, the media, Bernie Sanders, and tomorrow’s 80th anniversary of Social Security!

As I threatened yesterday, I invited Dave Johnson on to explain what China’s currency devaluation means.

And Driftglass joined in for an abbreviated segment, as we missed him last week… But he’ll be back for a full conversation next Thursday, and I’ll be back tomorrow to wrap the week, radio or not!