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We’ve been inundated with journalistic malpractice as much of the corporate media has led the charge to destroy President Biden’s candidacy. I’ve certainly criticized the NY Times, Wall St Journal, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC and more than a few *pundits* who are attempting to lead the masses down a disastrous road.

Today, I’m going to salute some who are being responsible, like the Philadephia Inquirer who published an editorial calling on D’ump to leave the race, and Inquirer National Columnist WILL BUNCH – today’s guest – who writes in his latest column, “I will support whatever approach appears to be the best way forward for keeping Trump out of the White House again, full stop. In fact, as a newspaper columnist, I promise I mostly am not going to write about the Democrats’ drama going forward, because the Republican threats to our democracy are so much more important. To be sure, I’m headed to Chicago in August for the Dems’ convention, and I’ll opine if there’s a major change at the top. But I’ll regret it if I waste one word on any other subject that’s not stopping dictatorship.”