feel the bern


Like 100,000 or so others around the country, last night I attended a house party where 20 or so of us got together to hear Bernie Sanders speak from a similar gathering in the DC area to kick off the grassroots organizational aspect of his campaign.

In our little gathering was a diverse group, ranging in age from 18 to (I’m guessing) 80 something. There was an excitement in the air, as these people were all genuinely excited to be hearing from someone who seems to care more about us than the big corporations and big-money interests all the other candidates are beholden to. As Bernie said, the feeling I was getting from the others in the room was “enough is enough.”

This is what a movement feels like. I do believe that we’re at the beginning of the political revolution that Bernie Sanders has been calling for.

In case you missed Bernie’s speech last night, I’ve embedded it below – including the beautiful intro from his host in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington DC, and the info on how to get involved at the end. Do it. Text WORK to 82623 to sign up to volunteer. Do it now, while you’re watching:

Today on the show, Harvey J. Kaye returned to talk about Bernie Sanders candidacy and the shameful tactics of some of Hillary Clinton’s surrogates (like Barney Frank) in trying to derail the primary process!

And Digby joined me in the second hour, also weighing in on the Sanders campaign and our reasons to be excited about a presidential candidate again!

Tomorrow, I’ll either be back with a new Friday show…. or I’ll be at the Urban League conference going on in Ft. Lauderdale, where Bernie Sanders is scheduled to speak in a “Presidential Plenary” that also includes Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Jeb! Bush and Ben Carson.

If the stars align and I get the press credentials and the senate doesn’t have a vote scheduled for tomorrow and Bernie Sanders people come through with a few minutes for me, I’ll bring you a Bernie Sanders interview on Monday… We’ll play it by ear, so check back tomorrow…. radio or not!