Since the 4th of July falls on a Saturday this year, today is the day designated as a legal holiday. I’ve decided to take a day off too, sort of.

We always end the week with a Flashback Friday musical blast from my music radio past. Today, we’ll celebrate with one of the great American bands– REM.

It was 20 years ago next week that I hosted a national radio program celebrating REM’s Monster. While going through the boxes that have gathered in my garage for the upcoming Spring Cleaning Summer Radio or Not Fundraiser Auction®*, I found a copy of that show on CD.

I had others… but I sadly discovered that the other discs had either broken or were otherwise unplayable. But lo and behold, I found one copy of the show intact, so we’ll hear it today.

*Speaking of that auction… If you like Monster by REM, be sure to check back, as I have a limited edition, deluxe version of the CD that will be included. It contains the same twelve songs as found on the regular version but now the disc is packaged in an 8 and 3/4″ by 5 and 7/8″ silver box with a red spine. A 52-page book presents photographs, cartoons, fractures of lyrics and images in a pure art school fashion that is also seen in the videos produced by the band to showcase their music. I’ll include a digital download of the program airing today, and a special REM fan club 45 too. Stay tuned!

I had promised that Shaun McCutcheon (of the Citizens United on steroids SCOTUS case) would be joining us today. Instead, he’ll be with us next Friday.

Enjoy the music today, and repeats of the week’s shows all weekend long on our 24/7 stream, and I’ll be back Monday, radio or not!