I won’t have a new show today. I’ll be getting a biopsy of that mass in my left lung. I’ll be back tomorrow…

In the meantime, I put together a true “Best of” show:

  • From 6-16-14, what will undoubtedly be my final interview ever with Gen. Wesley Clark. I had liked and respected him, until he let his true colors show during this surprising interview.
  • From 5-7-08, my one and only interview with Bill Maher. I both made him laugh and chastised him for making fun of Restless Leg Syndrome.
  • From 4-26-07, a conversation with Norman Lear, who turns 94 one week from today. Sadly, we awoke to the news this morning that Garry Marshall has died.
  • And from just about a year ago, 7-16-15, my discussion with Kurdistan’s representative to the US, Bayan Abdul Raman. I decided to play this today in light of the recent events in Turkey. I learned so much from this interview, so I thought it would be helpful for us all to understand what’s happening in that part of the world.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Driftglass and Howie Klein, and the latest from the RNC…