shit is fucked up

I’m always second-guessing myself, but my decision to skip this years’ Netroots Nation gathering in Phoenix was the correct one. Given the open animosity by members of the BlackLivesMatter movement toward those of us they like to refer to, in a derogatory manner, as “White Progressives ™” I absolutely made the right choice by staying home.

I’m still getting ugly messages online from followers of one man who hosts an online show who has a very loud megaphone with lots of followers who take his calls like “White Progressives™ are gonna learn today. #SayHerName #NN15” (yes, an actual tweet) as a clarion call.

What followed a protest that I originally cheered on became, IMHO, an occupation by which a few activists who decided that their issue was the only one that mattered, and shouted Bernie Sanders off the stage.

Never mind that Bernie did address the BLM concerns later that night in Phoenix before a massive 13,000 strong crowd, and the following day in Dallas and again in Houston, this crowd is appearing to do everything it can to derail the campaign of the best ally they have running for president. Morons.

Admittedly, I’m one of the few who will actually say this publicly. And perhaps I’m tendering my resignation from the “Progressive Movement”. If this is the way the movement treats one of its own, I don’t want any part of it.

That said, I heard from a much calmer voice this morning by way of Joel Silberman. Joel is on with me every Monday morning, talking about politics, the media and everything in between. But Joel is also a member of the Netroots Foundation board. Everything he said this morning makes sense. But it doesn’t quell my anger and frustration at being vilified for the color of my skin (sound familiar BLM activist?)

I’ll embed video from Saturday’s Town Hall protest action clusterfuck below, but I don’t want Susannah Randolph‘s information to be lost below the fold. In the second hour, I spoke with Susannah about her run for the House seat that Alan Grayson is vacating to run for the senate. She proved that one can be truly concerned about the horrific treatment of black America at the hands of police and other issues simultaneously.

Check out her twitter feed and website, and support a real progressive in Florida again!

Here’s the full video of the BLM action at Netroots Nation


I’ll be back tomorrow, if my voice isn’t silenced before then, radio or not….