Without even knowing you, dear reader, I’m guessing that you had no idea how large Kurdistan was, that it includes regions in four nations (Iraq, Iran Turkey and Syria), and that it is NOT a nation in and of itself (or the title of this post would have been different). It is a region.

This morning on the show, I was honored to speak with the US representative from Kurdistan, Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman to learn more about the region and the people who really are our best allies in the Middle East. Obviously, I hope you listen to the entire show (podcast player at the top of the post), but should you care to just hear my conversation with Bayan Rahman, I’ll make it as easy as possible.

Click here for the audio interview, watch below for the YouTube version.

In the second hour, I spoke with Sandra Manis, an Athens, Greece-based journalist and media consultant who wanted to clarify the situation in Greece, as she takes issue with the US media’s portrayal of what’s happening there (as do we all!).

And for our Flashback Friday musical segment to finish off the week, we went back to October of 1995 for Ben Folds Five’s first LA radio appearance ever! I decided to play that one today, as I have two Ben Folds Five original T Shirts included in the RoN Fundraiser Auction, going on now. (Click on the pictures to be taken to the auction pages.)

Ben Folds Five RARE piano shirt- front

Ben Folds Five- Whatever & Ever Amen shirt long sleeves














Netroots Nation is happening this weekend in Phoenix! Click here to get their live streams and see Bernie Sanders Town Hall tomorrow morning.

I’ll be back Monday morning to talk on a new week, radio or not!