After the AP and NBC so-called news decided to make the news instead of reporting on it by hunting down undeclared super delegates and demanding they make their decisions now instead of waiting until they actually vote at the convention on July 25, the fix was in. We can’t say for sure how this machination influenced voting in the six states that went to the polls yesterday, but that’s exactly what the establishment politicos wanted — keep things just as they are. The status quo got them into office, they have no reason to want change.

But change is what the political revolution is all about.

Bernie Sanders was late in arriving at the podium in a hangar at Santa Monica airport last night. But when he arrived, his message continued resonating … and he’s not backing down in his fight for equality in America and pushing for Social, Economic, Racial and Environmental Justice! In case you missed it last night (or in the first half-hour of today’s show), here’s Bernie’s speech from late last night.

Today, after playing that speech, chatting with Deborah Newell, and the news, I opened up the phones for your comments. I hope the Clinton camp is listening…