Lots of news on a busy Friday as the Trump family returns from its European vacation. We begin the show with a look at the latest news of the day.

Then, we’re joined by Carl Gibson of GritPost.com who wrote about some potential problems for both Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is having a bad week. On Wednesday his campaign reaffirmed his support of the Hyde Amendment. On Thursday Biden flipped. On Friday, his press secretary tried to claim that Biden’s change in position on Hyde was planned as part of his healthcare plan rollout!

Now we also learn that Uncle Joe has been claiming he marched for civil rights even though he never did, even after being warned by staffers to stop saying that he did, for years! I’m not seeing any coverage of that story.

Elizabeth Warren has some amazing policy plans including one to reshape higher education by canceling most student loan debt and eliminating tuition at every public college. But there’s not much about her stance on K-12. Last week at a rally in Oakland, Warren was introduced by a teacher who was misidentified by an education blogger as a “charter lobbyist” – and that was erroneously picked up by Diane Ravitch, one of the more respected names in education policy, and amplified on Twitter.  That story, the genesis of which was unraveled here, unfortunately made its way into this poorly-headlined article.  (I still dispute the notion that Warren had a “pro-charter school history”).

That said, Gibson did raise a few legitimate questions, most notably concerning Warren’s senior education policy adviser for the past four years who does seem to have a “pro charter school history”…  We’ll keep asking the questions…